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Family listens to deceased son’s heart 11 years after transplant

After years of letters and Facebook messages, the two women exchanged emotional hugs, and then Boenitz offered Boylen the chance to listen to her deceased son’s heart beating inside of her chest.

“Do you want to hear his heart,” she said. “It’s probably going a million miles an hour.”

Boylen listened first, followed by Matthew’s 12-year-old daughter, his two sisters, his longtime girlfriend and his nieces and nephews, reported.

“He would have wanted his heart to go to someone who loved their family, who made a difference in the world,” Jamie Harriman, Matthew’s sister, told “That’s why we’ve been able to come to terms. We’re all organ donors now.

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This 3-year-old who needs a heart transplant adores police. Officers are sending him badges.

By Michael S. Rosenwald

“I was just looking at the screen and saw a picture of Kolton, a beautiful little boy,” Welsh told Fox News. “When I read his story, it moved me to tears.
And action.

Welsh sent Kolton a care package with toy police cars and Boston Police badges. He spread the word online to other departments. Since then, almost every day has brought packages and hospital visits from police officers — some driving hundreds of miles to meet and pray for the little boy.

“We’ve got transplant or death,” Grant Hessman says. “There’s no way to put it gently.” Hessman is talking about his 3-year-old son Kolton, who has been on life support for more than 60 days in a Nashville hospital waiting for a new heart.

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