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New mom in need of kidney transplant finds donor on Facebook in 4 days

By James T. Mulder

A new mom from LaFayette who needed a kidney transplant went on Facebook to seek a donor and found one in four days.

The Jan. 14 post on Victoria Fitzpatrick’s Facebook page had a photo of Fitzpatrick and her baby, Carter, who was born Nov. 4, with this message:

“Hi! My name is Carter. This is my mommy, Victoria, holding me. She’s pretty and smells nice. She doesn’t feel so good though. Dad says she needs a new kid knee because hers are broken and we need someone to give her a new one.”
Janet Burton, Fitzpatrick’s mother, came up with the idea for the Facebook post, which was shared more than 6,000 times. Fitzpatrick’s Facebook message box quickly filled up with about 80 messages from potential donors as far away as Ohio and Georgia.

Jody Adams, 40, a mother of six from Steuben County, was one of them. She read the post one night while lying in bed. “I just knew I was her person,” Adams said. “All I could think of was that little baby.”

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Kidney Donation From Twin Brother Allows Man to Avoid Immunosuppresant Drugs

A 20-year-old college student who got a kidney donated by his identical twin brother is reaping a rare benefit — the ability to stop taking immunosuppressant drugs that most organ recipients take for the rest of their lives.

Brian Connor had been dealing with kidney disease and steadily declining kidney function since birth. Two years ago, his kidneys were so bad that he was put on dialysis three times a week for three to four hours at a time, he said. To save his life, his doctors said he’d need a transplant.

Fortunately, Connor was able to turn to his twin brother, Andrew, for help. The pair are identical twins, but issues in the development in utero left Brian with impaired kidneys and “a little bit smaller” than his brother, Brian said.

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