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NYS Assembly Passes Bill Allowing Reinstatement Of Deputy Sheriff After Transplant

On Wednesday, the New York State Assembly passed a bill that will allow a transplant recipient to return to work. On Wednesday, the state Assembly passed a bill that authorizes the county to reinstate and employ Heroux as a deputy sheriff. Clinton County Sheriff David Favro is eager to get him back on the job.

“Just prior to airing going to Boston for his double lung transplant he came into my office and he sat down and said ‘Sheriff, he said, I have two things: I want to live. Second of all after I accomplish that I’m coming back and I want my job.’

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Woman who sold handmade bracelets to fund double lung transplant raising money for other patients

By Melinda Carstensen

While battling an incurable disease that progressively scarred and shrunk her lungs, 44-year-old Gamboa flew across the globe in search of a surgeon who would perform the double lung transplant and save her life. And then, when she finally did find a hospital that would treat her— the Cleveland Clinic, in Ohio— the Caracas, Venezuela, native needed to find a way to foot the $250,000 operation bill.

To help cover what would amount to nearly $700,000 in medical and travel expenses, Gamboa’s friends and family sold handmade bracelets. They established a foundation called “Respirar es Vivir,” which translates to “Breathing is Life,” and today continue to sell bracelets to benefit other Hispanic patients who can’t afford crucial respiratory care.

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