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Long Island Transplant Recipients International Organization (TRIO) is a non-profit all volunteer organization committed to improving the quality of lives touched by the miracle of transplantation through education, support, advocacy, and organ donation and transplantation awareness.


Each month Long Island TRIO has monthly meetings (virtual due to COVID-19) featuring medical professionals discussing relevant topics to pre or post transplant members.


Monthly Meeting:


Wednesday, November 8th


Donor Sabbath and Eye Donation Month

Featuring Religious leaders and Amanda Vessey Askey from the Eye Bank of Sight Restoration.


Meeting ID: 832 4788 6495
Passcode: 338335



Save the Date:

January 10th 2024

Holiday Party Details to come!

New venue & date



Islanders game again this year!

4/11/2024 - more details to follow!

Please contact LI TRIO with volunteer opportunities or to get involved as a volunteer!


Transplant Life Foundation honored Joy Oppedisano (LI TRIO President) - nominated by Jennifer Lentini. 

Jennifer says, “Joy has been a Member of Long Island TRIO for countless years and I've personally known her since after my transplant for 26 years. She is the President now and makes everyone feel special and important in the organization. Takes time out of her day to be around for any member of the group and even people she may have never met in person yet. Joy has a heart of gold and her compassion is superb. She is not just a hero to me but so many people in each life she touched. Not all heroes wear capes, some genuinely have hearts of gold.”

Long Island TRIO

in association with Hearts For Russ



Gifts of Life: Profiles in Courage from the Transplant Community

Directed by Michael Drucker, Delusions International featuring Shelby Caban, Jennifer Lentini and Jack Cloonan
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