LI TRIO Volunteers- November 30, 2017. From left to right:Howard Pohl, Jeff Fenn, Joy Oppedisano, Mike Sosna, Margie Ng-Reilly, Walter Ruzek, Florence Sosna, Jerry Sosna, Sue Dillon, and Mel Lerner.Camera shy: Ed Burki and Dave Rodgers.


• Long Island TRIO’s Board Of Directors:

Joy Oppedisano- President

Mel Lerner- Secretary

Florence Sosna- Director, Good and Welfare and Ways and Means

Jerry Sosna- Director, Ways and Means, Good and Welfare and Nomination /Committee

Sue Dillon, Director, Healthcare Professional Memberships

Mike Sosna- Director Of Communications and Public Policy

Howie Pohl- Director, Membership and Database Management

James Mateiko- Director, Special Outreach Events

• School Speakers Program

Jeff Fenn-School Speakers BureauChairperson