School Speaker stories from March, 2016

Organ donation experts visit Health classrooms: Students learn about the benefits of registering to become an organ donor

By Jesse Moskowitz and Tori Finkle, Staff Writers-The Schreiber Times

The LI TRIO is a non-profit, completely volunteer organization dedicated to educating public and private high schools, colleges, and medical schools about organ donation. Its goal is not to persuade students to become organ donors, but instead to tell students the advantages of organ donation and how easy it can be to save someone’s life.

“In my daily life, I have never stopped to think about how many people have died from not receiving an organ. There is such a long wait-list and God forbid anything happened to me, I couldn’t imagine being placed on a list and waiting for my life to be saved. Thanks to the LI TRIO, I now have my chance to help people in need and become an organ donor,” said junior Ryan Delmonte.

For 15 years, the Long Island Transplant Recipients Organization (LI TRIO) has been visiting Schreiber and impacting students’ views on organ donation, and this year was no different.

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