Transplant News stories from March, 2015

Beta-02 testing cure for type 1 diabetes

By Abigail Klein Leichman

Imagine if those with type 1 diabetes no longer had to worry about insulin injections or glucose levels. They could eat what they wanted, exercise as they wished and need not measure every step they took,” says Gelvan, also managing director of life sciences at Aurum Ventures, the company’s lead investor. “This is the future that Beta-O2 envisions ßAir will help to create.

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Study shows even injured kidneys can be used for transplants

As anticipated, the researchers found an association between AKI and organ discard. They also found that injured kidneys were associated with “delayed graft function (DGF),” or the need for continued dialysis support in the first week after transplantation. But unexpectedly, the study did not find a link between deceased-donor kidney injury and poor kidney transplant function six months later.

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